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Colds & Flu

OPH Article: 8 Steps to Healing Colds & Flu 
The Most Effective Weapon Against Viral Infections
The Benefits of Quercitin & Zinc when combating a virus
Essential Oils May Replace Antibiotics
Best Foods for Healthy Lungs 
The Benefits of Black Pepper Oil
The Healing Power of Light 
The Recipes That Pissed Off the Pharmaceutical Industry
Frankincense Oil:  The King of Oils
The Benefits of Zinc: Essential for Optimal Health 
Considering the Flu Shot?  Here are Five Reasons To Think Twice. 
The Truth About Coconut Oil  
Hydrogen Peroxide - A Medical Miracle 
How To Fight Colds & The Flu: The Baking Soda Remedy 
24 Hour Flu Treatment 
You've Got A Cold, Now What? 
16 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water
The Surprising Effects of Probiotics Outside the Intestinal Tract
Top 10 Immune System Boosters: Simple Steps to Robust Health
You've Got A Cold, Now What? 
Can Supplementing With Chlorella Improve Immunity?
The Role of Zinc in Human Biology  
The 5 Best Natural Antibiotics and Anti-Virals that Destroy Superbugs and Everything Else
Homeopathic Treatment for Influenza 
Study:  Vitamin D is More Effective Than the Flu Vaccine


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